Unleashing the Charm of Single Storey House Design


The allure of single storey house design continues to resonate with homeowners across the globe. Their simplicity, efficiency, and limitless design potential make them a preferred option, especially for families valuing comfort and function over size.

Understanding Single Storey House Design

Single storey houses are a perfect embodiment of the adage, ‘simplicity is beauty.’ Often with a neat, uncluttered façade, these designs maximize living space without compromising aesthetic appeal. Floor plans are usually open and flexible, promoting easier mobility and fostering a sense of togetherness within the family.

Key Aspects of Single Storey House Design

Effective Space Utilisation

Single storey house designs prioritise efficiency – every inch of space is meticulously planned out to serve a specific purpose. This cuts out wastage of valuable square footage, bringing a sense of spaciousness that belies the external size of the house.

Flow of Spaces

It’s characteristic of single storey house designs to have an organic flow between spaces. There is an effortless transition from public areas like the living room and kitchen to personal spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Seamless Inside-Outside Connection

Incorporating elements such as sliding glass doors and wide windows, these homes punctuate indoor-outdoor living philosophy. Natural light engulfs the interior spaces, establishing a mesmerizing harmony with the surroundings.

Popular Single Storey House Designs

Craftsman Bungalow

A hallmark of Craftsman Bungalows is the use of natural materials like rock and wood, emphasizing on hand-craftsmanship. Practical layouts, covered front porches, and multi-paned windows are central to this design style.

Modern Ranch

Modern Ranch house design, originated in America, utilises a simplistic architectural approach, emphasizing open floor plans, sleek lines, and a connection to nature. It offers enormous adaptability in design.

Colonial Style

Colonial style single storey house design owes origin to architectural styles brought by colonists. Key features include symmetrical designs, grand entrances, and spacious central hallways.

Designing a Single Storey House: Considerations


The overall budget is a critical factor determining size, layout and design elements of the house. It impacts choice of materials, fixtures, and finishes used.


It’s crucial to consider the geographical and climatic conditions when designing a single storey house. These elements dictate the layout, orientation, materials, and insulation methods.

Future Needs

Flexibility for future modifications is an important aspect to consider. An aging family member may require additional facilities, or your family may expand. Ensure your design can accommodate such future changes.


Whether you’re fascinated by minimalistic modern design or a charming rustic aesthetic, single storey house design can address your unique preferences. It’s the perfect style for those who value simplicity, convenience, and an intimate connection with their living space and nature. Elegantly balancing functionality and aesthetics, these homes continue to be a testament to the timeless appeal of high-quality design.

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